Looking for Fashion Accessories and Jewellery from exceptional, independent designers?

Whether you’re interested in a special gift or to compliment your style with unique pieces, this is the place for you!

Here you can discover the story behind every creation and feel connected to it. From fashion accessories to jewellery, each design is a piece of art. Everything is made with attention and love by independent designers from all around the globe. Our carefully selected designers, add value not only to your style but also to your enviromental awareness. We support sustainable and ethical practises. Therefore, you will find a lot of eco friendly pieces, which deserve your attention. All the creations come in limited quantities and might even be one of a kind – so if you’ve got your eyes on a design, don’t let it go.




Luxury Fashion Accessories designer_scarves by Luce d NJ
Independant Jewellery designer_Stacey Jewellery
Independent Jewellery designer _ polymer clay earrings by Aesthete

Independent Accessories designer_ Scrunchies by Detta
Independent Jewellery designer_ Macrame bracelets and necklaces by El Duende
Independent Jewellery designer_ Sterling Silver Jewellery by Keno

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