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Mandala Luxury Scarf

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This limited edition of scarves is designed from creations of children with learning disabilities and handmade in India by Luce d NJ

  • Material: 80% silk, 20% satin
  • Dimensions: 1m square 

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This Luxury Silk Scarves collection is motivated by the special youngster’s perspective of thinking about art. When the society names them as autistic children, Luce acknowledges them as the Fallen stars and determines to give out their art as a form of fashion, as a form of accessory to create your own style statement. So every time you purchase a piece from Luce’s luxury scarf collection, substantially you are helping those ⭐️ STARS ⭐️ to believe in themselves a little bit more. We centred on changing over the special youngsters’ drawings into luxury foulard scarves. That was our way to help them to evolve.


The ends of the scarf are sewed in hand. Dye sublimation printing is used, a printing method that results in smoother and brighter color transitions and variations, the reason for the superior look and sleeker finish of the product. This method also produces prints that cannot be damaged with wear, nor can they be flaked off or crack.

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