KenoJewelry image

KenoJewelry is a point in time. Not the beginning, hopefuly not the end. Just a point in a lifespan of searching and experiencing various forms of expression and above of all living.

“Keno” in greek means void, empty, nothing maybe. But the meaning is rather oxymoron… Well, nothing is empty, even what looks void really isn’t! Even the void holds the fundamental elements of creation.

KenoJewelry makes metal jewelry, mainly silver. The molten metal transformed into wires and sheets, cut, hammered, soldered, takes shape and forms out of nothing, out of mere metal balls.

Jewerly is created, inspired by nothing… and everything. By everyday life, politics, science, technology, nature, colors, sounds, artists, (extra)ordinary people. By the sounds of the night, the dark, the obscure, and the light that never goes out. By the air we all breath and the smoke we exhale. By the contradiction of our nature, our lives, our world, our feelings, our thoughts.

“Because nothing is black or white, but everything is nothing and nothing is everything.”