Luce d NJ is an independent designer brand founded by Bangladeshi fashion designer N.J. Misty in 2018. ‘Luce’ is an Italian feminine word  which means Light. This brand influences one  to have confidence in thyself and help to set up one’s own identical proclamation.

Whether you’re in the search for your own style or fashion inspiration from the current trends, Luce D NJ attempts to keep you modish in the know of who, what, where, how, why and why not, with its compelling melange of creativity, inspiration and design, packed with substance and surprise

Luce believes in making the world a better place for tomorrow with creative flares inspired by contemporary social issues.

“Often fashion is tied in with looking great — yet did we know it can likewise be tied in with doing great?”

A significant plan can have any kind of effect; that is the reason why the Luce d NJ mark was built around helping other people and giving back to the society.